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Toffee Sweet Box

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Toffee Sweet Box

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1 Box
A selection of popular toffees - traditional British sweets! Makes a great nostalgic gift from your childhood.

Contents include half pounds of:

Old English Royal Toffee - delicious creamy chewy toffee made by Walkers
Chocolate Toffee Rolls - remember Riley's? Not made by Rileys but taste exactly the same! Lovely dark chocolate coating with a toffee centre.
Chocolate Eclairs - The classic = gorgeous toffee covering a chocolate centre
Invalid Butter Toffees - Originally made by Waterhouses, hard boiled toffee flavour sweet
Treacle Toffee - Delicious chewy treacle dabs - once considered a very special treat!
Merry Maids - Milk chocolate covered hard chewy toffees made by Jamesons

5 x Bonfire Toffee Lollipops - Classic Yorkshire hard toffee treat traditionally eaten around Guy Fawkes Night
Slab Walkers Hazelnut Toffee - whack with a hammer and eat toffee the traditional way!

1 x Box

Contents May Vary (including box)


Toffee sweets to remind you of your childhood!
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Additional Information

Amount 1 Box
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