chocolate toffee rolls

Riley’s brothers of Halifax (West Yorkshire) are fondly remembered for their toffee rolls – Rileys Chocolate Toffee Rolls.

The business was later purchased by Kraft who ceased production of the renowned chocolate toffee rolls – disaster! Well not quite because The Oldest Sweet Shop in Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire, in accordance with tradition sought out an equivalent replacement to satisfy the demand from loyal customers.

The replacement had to be as good if not dare I say it better than the one it was to replace. We found an established maker who had been producing a plain chocolate toffee roll since 1929 and we knew it was very good. The next part was introducing it to our customers, many ex workers of Rileys of Halifax and direct family descendants who all say it tastes exactly the same!The Chocolate Toffee Roll – remember Riley’s – was a resounding success.

Twenty years on, the customers and for over ten years, our online customers have proved the replacement to be a winner and kept the tradtion of the Chocolate Toffee Roll alive!

Long may it continue!


Chocolate Toffee Rolls – Remember Riley’s?!