Liquorice Juice

Liquorice has so much history, stories and medicinal properties that I do not know where to start! 

Liquorice comes from the root of the plant Glycyrrhiza glabra.  You can chew on the stick to extract the liquorice yourself!  Liquorice Juice Sticks (above) is actually 100% of the juice taken from the root (root sticks are boiled).  Liquorice is 50 times sweeter than sugar!  

Once extracted, the liquorice is used in medicine, food, drinks and of course sweets!  

You can make your own drink with these liquorice juice sticks - just stir the stick in water!  Or why not make some yummy food or puddings?  Famous chefs such as Nigella Lawson are now cooking with liquorice (see one of her recipes here!)

Or just relive your childhood and buy some Sherbet to dip your liquorice stick into!

I will talk more about Liquorice in other posts (there is so much to tell on this subject!)