Like millions of viewers on Monday 5th November we tuned in to BBC4 to see for the first time TV cook’s ‘Nigel Slater: Life is Sweets’.  We were very excited to watch the programme that was filmed in our shop in June this year!


What a fantastic show it was!  Very interesting, well written, beautifully filmed and it brought back so many good memories.

Here is some further details about the sweets shown:


*The milk chocolate toffee that Nigel Slater was eating (the one with the gold wrapper) we sell and are called Merry Maids.  Now known as Jamesons Caramels (have always been made by this firm)


*The sweets shown with Nigella Lawson and Nigel Slater were provided by us.  They sampled the Sweet Peanuts which Nigella referred to as ‘Monkey Nuts’ and described as very good.  They also ate pieces of Caramac.


*Also talked about  with Nigella were the Soor Plooms.  Other sweets seen in this scene were Blackcurrant & Liquorice, Rhubarb & Custard (Nigella’s favourite!), , Candy Sticks (sweet cigarettes), Fruit Salad, Drumsticks, Black Jacks, Candy Necklace 


*When Nigel was outside his old primary school, he carefully unravels a paper wrapped Sherbet Fountain.  Sadly these are no longer made in the paper.  Instead they are now in plastic tubs.  We gave Nigel one of our remaining original Sherbet Fountains.


*The Pink and White Marshmallows that Nigel refers to are gorgeous!  You can purchase them here too!


* Other sweets talked about were Mars Bars, Cadbury's Flake, Aztec Bars (sadly no longer made), Smarties, Rowntree Gums, Mint Humbugs, plus many more I may have missed!


The sweets shown in our shop are:


*Luxury Fudge

*Pontefract Cakes

*Spanish Gold (Sweet Tobacco)

*Giant Flyers

*Mintoes (we sell the nearest in taste and texture to Nuttells!)

*Flying Saucers (used originally centuries ago to administer drugs!) now contain sherbet

*Super Sour Fizzballs – are the sour sweets that Nigel & Tim tried!

*Chocolate Lime Satins

*Parma Violets

*Fry Chocolate Bar

*Chocolate Toffee Rolls (remember Riley’s Chocolate Toffee Rolls)

* Aniseed Balls

*Alphabet Letters

*Pear Drops

*Sherbet Dip Dabs

*Jelly Babies (unclaimed babies)

*Tuttu Fruiti Lollipops

*White Aniseed Balls

*Liquorice Allsorts

*Catherine Wheels

*Liquorice Root Sticks (what the Roman’s ate when marching)


*Floral Gums

*Summer Creams

*Nutty Brazil Toffee

*Buttered Brazils

*Clarnico Mint Creams

*And of course the Pink and White Marshmallows


Wow that was a lot!  Hope you enjoy browsing our website!