It's the news we do not want to hear - "your favourite sweet is longer made" 

Just recently, the following sweets ceased production (we do still have a limited amount in stock)!

Butterscotch Gums  - Lions Quality Confectionery has ceased these yummy gums (went well with the liquorice!)

Old Jamaica Rum Bars - brought back a few years ago but sadly production has stopped again.

These are sad days indeed!  Sometimes sweets are brought back for a limited time (which we will let you know about!)

Other sweets we have had to recently say goodbye to:

  • Japp Desserts - Coconut sweets covered in a fondant sugar
  • Toasted Tea Cakes - Compressed pieces of sugared coconut
  • Mighty Imps & Vigroids - strong pieces of liquorice pellets.  See Nipits for an alternative
  • Wilko Mints - Mint covered torpedo shaped sweets with a chewy liquorice centre.  See School Chalk for alternative.