Liquorice Allsorts

To start off our new page 'Sweet of the Day' we will start with a classic confection - Liquorice Allsorts!

The famous Liquorice Allsorts creation story goes that in 1899, Charlie Thompson, a sales representative, supposedly dropped a tray of samples he was showing a client in Leicester, mixing up the various sweets. He scrambled to re-arrange them, and the client was intrigued by the new creation. Quickly the company Bassetts began to mass-produce the allsorts, and they became very popular.

The allsorts are made up of liquorice, aniseed, coconut and fondant - Coconut Rolls, Spogs, Liquorice Cream Rock, Liquorice Cuttings, fondant striped squares (black, white, orange, and pink) and finally the famous icon - Bertie Bassett!