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 Press Enquiries

With nearly two centuries of selling sweets we are perfect to ask for facts and stories about sweets.  Keith & Gloria Tordoff are the experts in sweets and the history of our shop.  They have appeared on many TV programmes, magazines and radio shows!

If you would like samples for a photo shoot or article please contact us by phone 01423 712371 or by email enquiries@oldestsweetshop.co.uk

For articles, you can download high resolution* images of;

Our products online
The Oldest Sweet Shop – Outside
Sweet Shop Outside with Keith, Gloria, Alex & Kirsty
The Oldest Sweet shop – Inside
Our Sweet Shop Jars
Weighing sweets from jar

*Please note: these images are 2mb each in size.  For the larger versions, please email info@oldestsweetshop.co.uk.

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To get in direct contact for a news article, please contact Keith on 07552769000 or email info@oldestsweetshop.co.uk